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Enhanced all-time report
for Dieter Ratzesberger

This report was generated on
January 2nd, 2018 (8:44:24)

My total distance logged on Strava is

66898 kilometers

They can be converted in

41568 miles

But please note that the kilometer
is the only official distance unit for cycling!

And it is exactly the


of earth's circumference

Yeah, it means that I completed a full

tour around the world

And I did it riding over the Equator line

This is the result of

2327 rides

So, my average distance is

28.75 kms per ride

While my all-time distance record is

141.8 kms in one ride

My total riding time is

155 days

1 hour

34 minutes

15 seconds

And my all-time average speed is

17.98 km/h

It can be converted in

11.17 mph

Again, you should start to learn
how the metric system works.

Talking about elevation,
my all-time record is

1792.205 meters in one climb

While my average effort is

221.4 meters per ride

It means that I scored a total elevation of

515234 meters

Approximately, it's like climbing

Cerro Aconcaguax74 times

In fact, it is 6962m high
and it's the highest peak in South America

At about 320000m
I would have reached the

ISS orbit

The International Space Station was launched in 1998
and it's now the largest artificial body in orbit

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Strava is one of the greatest invention of mankind. If you are an athlete and especially a cyclist, it can definitely change the way you train. It does not matter if you ride on the road or if you prefer muddy trails: by recording and analyzing all your GPS data and adding a touch of competition, Strava motivates you to train more and ride faster. Like any good online service, Strava provides a set of API to access its huge dataset and create awesome websites and apps, growing the pleasure of being a Strava-connected rider. This is what this Toolbox For Strava does: it connects to your riding data and provides additional reports and stats, extending the experience offered on the original Strava app. Enjoy it, and feel free to keep me posted about any issue, comment or idea!