Toolbox For Strava

A growing set of utilities for the Strava addict
with additional stats, insights and features
specifically designed for the data-hungry cyclist.

Just push the button below and follow the instructions
to import your data from Strava and start having fun.

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What's inside the toolbox?

Connect your Strava account
to get access to the following features:


Strava Distance Ranking Beta

Compare your total riding distance logged on Strava
with other riders worldwide and see how you are ranking!


Strava Elevation Ranking Beta

How are you ranking globally in terms of total elevation?
This tool will provide an answer using your data from Strava.


Strava KOM Rankings

Compare your KOMs with other Strava users and discover
how well you are doing (globally and for specific segment types).


Strava KOM Profiler

Which kind of Strava KOM/QOM hunter are you?
This tool analyzes all your best efforts and prints the answer.


Strava Year-To-Date Report

An enhanced overview on your riding stats for the current year
with additional insights you can share with your friends.


Strava All-Time Report

An enhanced overview on your total riding stats from Strava,
designed to be shared with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Strava Unfollower

This tool checks all your friends on Strava and prints out
a list of who's not following back, so you can unfollow them, too.


Strava FanCounter

This tool prints out a lists of all your fans on Strava:
the people following you even if you're not following them back.

Other tools are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Global Distance & Elevation Top 200

Connect your Strava account with Toolbox For Strava and get the chance
to enter these glorious all-time rankings of the most unflagging riders:

Top 200 Strava Riders For Total Distance Top 200 Strava Riders For Total Elevation

World's KOM & QOM Hunters Top 200

Toolbox For Strava also offers a set of up-to-date, public rankings
of the best riders on Strava, globally and for specific segment types:

Global KOM & KOM Hunters Top 200 Top 200 Climbers on Strava Top 200 Riders on Flat Segments Top 200 Downhillers on Strava Top 200 Sprinters on Strava Top 200 Puncheurs on Strava Top 200 Strava KOM & QOM Hunters on Minor Climbs Top 200 HC Climbers on Strava Top 200 1st Category Climbers on Strava Top 200 2nd Category Climbers on Strava Top 200 3rd Category Climbers on Strava Top 200 4th Category Climbers on Strava Top 200 Time Trialist on Medium Distance Top 200 Time Trialist on Long Distance

About “Toolbox For Strava”

Strava is one of the greatest invention of mankind. If you are an athlete and especially a cyclist, it can definitely change the way you train. It does not matter if you ride on the road or if you prefer muddy trails: by recording and analyzing all your GPS data and adding a touch of competition, Strava motivates you to train more and ride faster. Like any good online service, Strava provides a set of API to access its huge dataset and create awesome websites and apps, growing the pleasure of being a Strava-connected rider. This is what this Toolbox For Strava does: it connects to your riding data and provides additional reports and stats that are not offered on the original website. Enjoy it, and feel free to keep me posted about any issue, comment or new features request!