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Thank you for visiting Toolbox For Strava, an amateur, free and non-commercial digital service created by me, Marcello Brivio. Your privacy is important and for that reason I am providing you with this brief privacy policy which explains how your information is collected and used here.

1. How Toolbox For Strava retrieves your data

Toolbox For Strava retrieves the data of its users exclusively through the Strava APIs: this means that every time you use Toolbox For Strava and connect it with your Strava account, you agree to send some information, better described in point 2, that Toolbox For Strava needs to generate its reports.

A very important note: Toolbox for Strava is a service that uses Strava's public APIs, but has nothing to do with Strava Inc., the owner of and its brand. If needed, at this link you can find the complete Strava Privacy Policy.

2. Which data is used by Toolbox For Strava

Toolbox For Strava can only use data that is made accessible by the Strava APIs such as, for example: your Strava username, your profile picture, your gender (if you have indicated it on your Strava profile), the list of your KOMs or QOMs on Strava, the list and the details of your bike rides that you have uploaded on Strava.

On the Strava API Official Documentation you can find a detailed list of all the data that may be accessible by Toolbox For Strava.

3. How your data is used by Toolbox For Strava

The information previously described is used solely for the functionality offered by Toolbox For Strava (basically to generate reports and additional analytics) and is not shared in any way with third parties for commercial purposes.

4. How you can delete your data from Toolbox For Strava

If you wish to remove any of your data from Toolbox For Strava you can simply contact me via this form, specifying the information you want to delete: I will take care of it directly, as soon as possible, and provide you with a prompt feedback.

5. Cookies

Cookies are text files placed in your computer’s browser to store your preferences. As many other websites, Toolbox For Strava uses cookies for some of its features. Being a non-commercial service, Toolbox For Strava does not use advertising-related cookies that share information with third parties for marketing purposes. The only third-party cookie currently used by Toolbox For Strava is the one of Google Analytics, a service that I use to analyze the traffic performance of this site.

6. How you can contact me

The best way to contact me for any information regarding Toolbox For Strava is using this contact form.

Last updated on January 17th, 2022

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