Marcello Brivio

You've reached the personal web site of Marcello Brivio, 35 y.o. digital enthusiast and true lover of the WWW from Italy. These pages are my excuse for having bought a domain with my name without having nothing important to do with it.

I live near the city of Milan and I'm currently working as International Digital PM for the Italian fashion brand Furla, where I'm leading the worldwide execution of the online business strategy with a specific focus on e-commerce and CRM.

From 2007 to 2013 I've had the chance to work as a Digital Project Manager at MTV Networks in the amazing team dedicated to, dealing with a world-famous media brand and spending every day in a creative environment filled with talented professionals and great friends.

After that, I chose to dedicate my attention to the fast-growing business of e-commerce and I moved to Percassi, taking care of an important network of online stores featuring relevant brands such as KIKO Milano, Madina, WOMO/Bullfrog and Atalanta B.C., with a focus on fast global expansion.

The greatest thing in life
is to keep your mind young

(Henry Ford)

In 2004 I took a bachelor's degree in Communication at the University of Bergamo, followed two years later by a master's degree in Multimedia Publishing. During this last period, I worked to the planning and the design of, an e-democracy platform (one of the first ever made in my country).

In addition to these "serious" activities, my other interests are: