Here's a selection of my best shots. Click on the thumbnails to see a super-cute sildeshow.
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Panorama from Rauch Hütte (Thumbnail) Winter on Seiser Alm (HDR) (Thumbnail) San Valentino Under The Snow (Thumbnail) Kastelruth By Night (Thumbnail) Winter on Adda River (Thumbnail) Brembate, Italy (Thumbnail) Yes, I live here (Thumbnail) End Of Season (Thumbnail) Alpe di Siusi HDR (Thumbnail) Consonno Offroad Perspectives (HDR) (Thumbnail) Lago di Sartirana & Resegone (Thumbnail) Stairway To Heaven? (Thumbnail) Grunge Photography (Thumbnail) San Valentino - Winter Version (HDR) (Thumbnail) Consonno (Thumbnail) San Valentino (HDR) (Thumbnail) Bergamo (Thumbnail) The Altar (Ultra HD) (Thumbnail) La Collina dei Cipressi [1] (Thumbnail) St. Konstantin Miniature Fake (Thumbnail) BeautiFall (Thumbnail) Seiser Alm Panorama (Thumbnail) Sernovella Railroad Crossing [1] (Thumbnail) Rawlings Baseball (Thumbnail) Montevecchia Sunset (Thumbnail) Gothic Types (Thumbnail) Schlern Backlight [1] (Thumbnail) 10 Men Down (Thumbnail) Mountain Goats (Thumbnail) Black Coffee (Thumbnail) Resegone: The World Behind [3] (Thumbnail) Montevecchia Moonset (Thumbnail) The Streets of San Francisco [5] (Thumbnail) (When The) Skies Fall (Thumbnail) Murano Glass Flowers (Thumbnail) Above Lake Powell [1] (Thumbnail) Monument Valley Off-Road (Thumbnail) Lone Rider at John Ford's Point (Thumbnail) Monument Valley: The Mittens (Thumbnail) Bright Angel Canyon (Thumbnail) Page Airport Miniature Fake (Thumbnail) Get Your Kicks On Route 66 [2] (Thumbnail) Greenland from Above (Thumbnail) Campagnolo Vintage Crank [1] (Thumbnail) Cross Country Ski Trail (HDR) (Thumbnail) Langkofel und Plattkofel (HDR) (Thumbnail) Straight Ahead To Kastelruth (HDR) (Thumbnail) Calabrian Sunset (Thumbnail) Perfect Sky (Thumbnail) Castelrotto Golf Club Miniature Fake (Thumbnail) Converse (Thumbnail) Como Miniature Fake (Thumbnail) Moses Mosop Cheruyot (Thumbnail) Welcome to Marlboro Country (Thumbnail) The Schlern (Thumbnail) Hex Schlern (Thumbnail) The Golden Wave (Thumbnail) Dance With The Ball (Thumbnail) One Year Of Wear And Tear (Thumbnail) Snails At The Sun (Thumbnail) Psychedelic Floor (Thumbnail) The Salt Flats in Trapani [3] (Thumbnail) Sicilian Panorama (Thumbnail) Carved Typography! (Thumbnail) Antoni Gaudí: The Stairs (Thumbnail) AgBar Tower (Thumbnail) Work In Progress [1] (Thumbnail) Sirmione Peninsula (North) (Thumbnail) Rose! (Thumbnail) Floating On Gold (Thumbnail) San Michele Bridge (Thumbnail) Giusy Ferreri live @ (Thumbnail) Fabrics Collection #3 (Thumbnail) Orange. (Thumbnail) The Riff Machine (Thumbnail) For A Fistful Of Rice (Thumbnail) 132 bpm (Thumbnail) Ready 2 Go (Thumbnail) Williamsburg Bridge (Thumbnail) Taxi To Downtown (Thumbnail) Strawberry Fields Forever (Thumbnail) 1875 (Thumbnail) One Penn Plaza (Thumbnail) Looking To Downtown (Thumbnail) Chrysler Building (Thumbnail) Citigroup Center & MetLife Building (Thumbnail) Grand Theft Auto in New York (Thumbnail) Wall Street (Thumbnail) MTA Line #7 (Thumbnail) The Statue of Liberty (Thumbnail) Behind The Apple (Thumbnail) Citigroup Center (Thumbnail) Rihanna @ MTV Mobile Bang (Thumbnail) Rihanna @ MTV Mobile Bang (Thumbnail) Rihanna @ MTV Mobile Bang (Thumbnail) The Wood's Trail (Thumbnail) Oia's Sunset (Thumbnail) Mount Schlern (Thumbnail) Sunset in Paris (Thumbnail) Versailles (Thumbnail) The Garden (Thumbnail) Reflections (Thumbnail) Arc de Triomphe (Thumbnail) The Clock (Thumbnail) St. Valentin (Thumbnail) Glo' (Thumbnail) Perfect Vacation (Thumbnail) The Guard (Thumbnail) Treasury of Atreus (Thumbnail)