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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any curiosities about Toolbox For Strava? Check out this collection of the most frequently asked questions received from other riders. If you can't find your answer here, feel free to contact me.

Does Toolbox For Strava only consider bike rides? Can I include my running stats? Will there be a version dedicated to runners?

Toolbox For Strava was originally designed as a tool specifically dedicated to cyclists: its purpose is to offer advanced statistics and reports, in addition to the many already present on Strava. I have been a very passionate runner in the past (I have a record of 37m46s over the 10k and 1h24m over the half marathon, I just wanted to say it...) and I am very familiar with the data and analysis that runners need. From a statistical point of view, a run should not be mixed with a bike ride in the same report: it would generate dirty, useless data for both sports. The best choice would certainly be to make a version of Toolbox For Strava dedicated to running, but for now I prefer to focus my energy and time on developing the features dedicated to cycling, of which I am the first interested user as it is the sport I've been practicing since 2011...

Why are my distance and elevation totals sometimes different (lower) than what I see on my Strava profile?

There is one main reason why your total kilometers (as well as your total elevation gain) reported on Toolbox For Strava can sometimes be less than what you see on your Strava profile: you have to consider that private rides (set as "visible only to me" on Strava) are excluded from the count (but you can easily get them back if you change the privacy of those rides on Strava).

What about virtual rides? Are they excluded?

You're right, Toolbox For Strava does not consider any virtual ride in most of the tools. It is a thoughtful and deliberate choice: by including only the "real" rides, when all of us are exposed to the environmental elements (wind, friction, obstacles, etc.), I try to keep all the statistics and rankings as realistic and clean as possible. I respect virtual rides and training on treadmills, which I also practice when I have no alternatives, but I think you will agree with me if I say: real cycling is something else.

How can I update my data? Is there any kind of automatic data sync from Strava?

This is very important: your data are retrieved from Strava only when you connect your account with Toolbox For Strava and run the desired tools. There is no automation in the background (e.g. a daily routine that gets your last ride and updates your total distance or your KOMs on Toolbox For Strava). So, if you want to have up-to-date data and are interested in keeping your position in the rankings, you have to visit Toolbox For Strava periodically and run your favorite tools.

My stats are clearly incomplete, what can I do?

This can happen occasionally (rarely) in case of network or API interruptions while retrieving your data. A quick and simple solution is to logout from Toolbox For Strava, reconnect and re-launch the tool you were using. If the issue is still there, you can contact me for further investigation.

Any question about privacy and how your data are collected?

Please refer to the Privacy Policy & Cookie Information.

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