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KOM profile
for Boris Hendrik

This report was generated on
November 24th, 2016 (20:36:18)

I have a total of

170 KOMs

This number includes my riding activities only.
Running CRs or other activities are not considered here.

The average length
of my KOM segments is


With an average grade of


My average KOM speed is

26.37 km/h

Among my KOMs
there's a total of

102 climbs

This number includes only segments
officially tagged as climbs on Strava

So, climbs are exactly the


of my KOM segments

Getting more into details, I got:

67 KOMs in category 4 climbs

26 KOMs in category 3 climbs

7 KOMs in category 2 climbs

2 KOMs in HC climbs

Want to know more on how
Strava climbs are categorized? Read here.

I am the KOM in

29 short climbs

Short climbs are segments with an average grade of 3% or more,
but they're not long enough to get a climb category on Strava

Short climbs represent the


of my KOM segments

In particular, I mastered

12 walls

Walls are short climbs with an average grade of 8% or more.
Steep cobbled road at the Tour Of Flanders are good examples.

I got the KOM in a total of

37 flat segments

A segment is considered flat
if it has a global average grade from -3% to 3%

Flat segments are the


of my KOM list

In particular, I have the lead in

25 time trials

A time trial is a long flat segment
with a total length of 3500 meters or more

I own the crown in

2 downhill segments

I consider a downhill any segment
with a global average grade of -3% or less

Downhills are exactly the


of my KOM segments

According to my results,
my KOM profile matches with

Marco Pantani

Marco Pantani

a.k.a. "Il Pirata"

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