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Enhanced year-to-date report
for Jonathan "Dr Wingnut" Lord

This report was generated on
December 31st, 2023 (18:20:41)

This year, I logged

338 rides

It means an average of

28.17 rides per month

Or, if you prefer, it equals

6.5 rides per week

More precisely, it is exactly

0.93 rides per day

In terms of distance, I totalized

16093 kilometers

They can be converted in

10000 miles

But please note that the kilometer
is the only official distance unit for cycling!

It is roughly like riding from




(which is exactly 16575 kilometers as the crow flies)

This is exactly the


of earth's circumference

My average distance this year is

47.6 kms per ride

It translates into an average of

1341.1 kms per month

And obviously it means

309.5 kms per week

Basically, you can say I'm riding

44.2 kms each day

My total riding time this year is

31 days

21 hours

15 minutes

27 seconds

This is the

13.14% of my life

excluding an average sleep time of 8 hours

My average speed this year is

21.03 km/h

It can be converted in

13.07 mph

Again, you should start to learn
how the metric system works.

Talking about elevation,
this year I climbed exactly

329.4 meters per ride

Or, from another perspective, an average of

9276.8 meters per month

Yeah, it means that I climbed

2140.8 meters per week

All the above is just to say
that I climbed a total of

111322 meters

Approximately, it's like climbing

Mont Blancx23 times

In fact, it is 4810m high
and it's the highest peak in Europe

At about 100000m
I would have passed the

Karman Line

Yeah, it means I reached the space!

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Strava is one of the greatest invention of mankind. If you are an athlete and especially a cyclist, it can definitely change the way you train. It does not matter if you ride on the road or if you prefer muddy trails: by recording and analyzing all your GPS data and adding a touch of competition, Strava motivates you to train more and ride faster. Like any good online service, Strava provides a set of API to access its huge dataset and create awesome websites and apps, growing the pleasure of being a Strava-connected rider. This is what this Toolbox For Strava does: it connects to your riding data and provides additional reports and stats, extending the experience offered on the original Strava app. Enjoy it, and feel free to keep me posted about any issue, comment or idea!