Here’s a list of Kusarigama’s main features:

  • Full CSS3 layout, very easy to customize.
  • Ready for WordPress 4.1.
  • 3 Custom Menus enabled (top, bottom and a special footer menu).
  • Dynamic Sidebar: of course you can add widgets to the sidebar.
  • Dynamic Footer: the footer of Kusarigama is also designed to host four widgets. (Please be sure to add four widgets, no more an no less, in order to keep the layout consistency).
  • Sticky posts are allowed: they are featured on an highlighted box in the home page.
  • Full support to threaded comments, added in WordPress 3+ (see example).
  • Support to password protected posts (see example) and paginated posts (see example).

Kusarigama’s custom theme options panel enables a set of additional features.

Kusarigama is also provided of a custom theme options panel that enables the following special features:

  • Quick and easy Google Analytics tracking code implementation.
  • Simple inclusion of two optional advertising banners at the top and bottom of the sidebar.
  • Choose between two three differents color flavours (Angry Ninja, Bright Angel and Verderio).
  • Activate/deactivate a special side panel that lets users control the color scheme, overriding the default value.
  • Custimizable sidebar position (left or right of the main column).
  • Choose your favorite typography combination between 3 clean and readable font alternatives (serif, sans-serif or mixed) made with Google Fonts.