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Pomodoro Technique Logo

Discovering The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time managment method can can be applied easily on your to-do lists. Here you can find its basics principles and a quick start guide.

Internet Global Stats Cover

Fresh 2015 Global Stats On Internet And Mobile Usage

An infographic showing some interesting data on global Internet usage and mobile connections, updated to Q1 2015.

Project Management Tools

4 Tools For Agile Project Management And Team Collaboration

Asana, Basecamp, Trello and 10.000 Feet are 4 of my favorite agile project management software and they can improve collaboration and productivity within smart teams.

Kusarigama Screenshot

Discover the new Kusarigama, my free WordPress theme for bloggers

Kusarigama is a free WordPress theme designed with a focus on typography, readability and ease-of-use. It's perfect both for the newbie blogger and for the advanced user.


jQuery.RandomBlinker: The Plugin For Useless Random Animations

jQuery.RandomBlinker is a little jQuery plugin by Marcello Brivio. It creates nice and useless random blinking animations.

The Internet Explained To Your Mum In 5 Slides

The Internet Explained To Your Mum

A non-digital person could be the client of your next website. Or a stakeholder in a project you will be asked to lead. Or, more probably, your user. These 5 slides are for him/her.


Wakizashi, free video portfolio theme for WordPress

Wakizashi is a free video portfolio theme for WordPress, specifically designed for filmmakers and video producers. It comes with 4 different skins and built-in embedding from Vimeo.


How to show seller ratings on Google Ads

Seller ratings are a Google extension that helps people know how online stores are rated for their quality of service. This is a very important piece of information when users are making purchasing decisions. Learn how to include them in your ads.


9 Simple Tips For Perfect Search Form UX

Some quick notes on search box UX state of the art in A.D. 2014, with a focus on 9 aspects that in my opinion can make the difference in any situation.


My Free Responsive Email Template

A simple and versitile responsive email template that can be easily adapted for business or editorial purpose.

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