Marcello Brivio

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Hi, I'm a digital project manager experienced on e-commerce, media and mobile.
I'm focused on creating great user experience and I like getting things done.
I love WordPress, HTML5, responsive web design and building cool stuff.

Seminario Agile PM

The Slides From My Seminar On Agile Project Management

On March 12nd I held an introduction course on agile project management principles, tools and technques at the Order of the Engineer in Bergamo. Here is the supporting deck I used during the seminar (slides in Italian only).

Google Analytics Flowchart

How Google Analytics Tracks The Traffic Sources On Your Website

Starting from a flow chart taken from its official documentation, this post explains how Google Analytics recognizes the traffic sources on any website and which is the priority used for this attribution process.

Hiding From Google: Cover

Hiding From Google: A Real Test Case

Lots of articles and books have been written on how to increase a website's visibility on Google, but you won't find so many resources talking about the opposite task: how to delete your website from any search result page.

Toolbox For Strava

Toolbox For Strava: A Free Gift For Data-Hungry Riders And Strava Addicts

Toolbox For Strava, my latest project, is being a tremendous and unexpected success, with over 20K registered users in the first 2 weeks and a lot of buzz over the Internet.


The Ultimate Digital Marketing Toolkit From Google

A list with some of the best and most useful tools that any digital marketer should know, taken from an official presentation shown at the recent Retail@Google event.

2QCV2Q Model

How To Evaluate (And Improve) Your Website With The 2QCV2Q Model

The 2QCV2Q Model is derived from Cicero's loci, a classical principle of rhetoric, and can be used to isolate the elements of a website in order to support the evaluation of its quality and make suggestions for its improvement.


ASO (App Store Optimization): A Quick Start Guide To Boost Your App's Ranking

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the equivalent of SEO in the world of mobile apps. Here's an ASO checklist with some advices on how to put together everything you need for publishing your app on Apple App Store and/or Google Play.

Cover Tesina

From The Archives: My Bachelor's Thesis On Music And P2P!

I re-discovered the original slideshow I used to present my Bachelor's thesis in 2004. It was focused on the rise of peer-to-peer file sharing and its effects on the music industry.

Animated Backgrounds Gallery

Some fun with tiled backgrounds and animated GIFs

I had some fun putting together this little gallery of mind-blowing backgrounds created with some of the best animated GIFs I've found on the Web.

Verbose Watchface Banner

Wasted Nights: Download My Verbose Watchface For The Pebble Watch

I had some fun in creating a super-nerdy watchface for the Pebble watch and displaying a bunch of data in a single, terminal-inspired black & white window. Read the full story and find the download link!

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