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Video credits: Studio360

Managing your video portfolio is as easy as creating/editing a WordPress post: every post is a video of your collection. You can add Title and Body Text with all the flexibility and simplicity given by WordPress’ post editor. You should set a Category for your video (e.g. “Commercial”, “Movie”, “TV Show”, “Documentary”, etc.): the category is always shown below the video title, letting users know what kind of work they are watching.

Adding the video embed from Vimeo is super-easy: a special field named “Vimeo ID” is there to host the magic number that represent your video in the popular hosting service. Note: the Vimeo ID is the number you can see in any Vimeo URL (e.g.

The last key component of your video item is the Featured Image: you are in total control of what to use here, simply upload your favorite still frame (or any other image you want) and it will be used for the home page grid. Note: Wakizashi will crop & resize uploaded images automatically in order to fit in the layout, but the recommended image size is 958 x 378 pixels.


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