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From The Archives: My Bachelor’s Thesis On Music And P2P!

August 2nd, 2015

Last night I was browsing some old documents on my Mac and I re-discovered a lot of Power Point presentations from my years at the university. I found some pretty good stuff that I would like to reorganize, update and maybe post here. But one thing really made me smile: the original slideshow I used to present my Bachelor’s thesis, focused on the rise of peer-to-peer file sharing and its effects on the music industry.

It was A.D. 2004 and Napster was shut down not long before. I remember that Kazaa was the most popular P2P client at the time and connection speeds weren’t as good as now. For that reason, Hollywood majors were still not heavily impacted by video piracy (it took weeks to download a movie), while music labels were stabbed to death by 3 killers: the MP3 format, the P2P file sharing and the iPod.

Of course I uploaded the presentation on SlideShare and here it is in all its glory (sorry for the Italian)!